Chief Leonard George & Children of Takaya
In what is becoming a tradition at Under the Volcano Festival, Tsleil-Waututh Nation Chief Leonard George will be our honorable guest and keynote speaker.

 Kinnie Starr
Kinnie Starrs music is a reflection of a personal exploration thru life, musical styles,emotions.....the hip-hop isnt straight up, the love songs dont quite fit, things get heavy, beats and grooves drop down just to rise up and knock ya over again......its the sonic equivalent of an unpredictable storm. The desire to have a connection with her audience has won Kinnie a loyal fan base, and her ability to transcend the performer/ listener dynamic has enabled her to develop closer ties with the community. A consistent element of a Kinnie Starr live show is her conviction to move the show offstage and down into the audience. She says As performers we have a privilege-its an honor to voice an opinion that might actually facilitate some kind of social change. Kinnies debut CD Tidy was released independently in 1996, and quickly won her critical acclaim. From out of nowhere comes this eclectic gem of a disc from rapper/poet/singer Kinnie Starr, who sounds like she might be the female Beck if given some well deserved support. San Francisco Chronicle. Kinnies second CD Mending should be released sometime soon and she will be showcasing much of the material off it when she takes to the Volcano stage with her awesome live band. Expect nothing less than a cathartic experience!!!!

Born to a musically gifted family in Chongqing,China, Yu Ping Chen began playing the yangqin at the age of five and was already performing in venues across her home province of Sichuan by age seven. At fifteen, she was the youngest entrant to the Sichuan Acamedy of Music, where she studied for four years. During her tenure with the Chongqing Performing Arts Troupe, Yu Ping established herself as the finest yangqin player in Central China and became a veteran of over 600 performances. Her solo arrangements and renditions of classical pieces regularly receive standing ovations, so get ready to stand up!!!!!!

Raices is a group of musicians from Ecuador and Chile, who combine traditional music from the Andes Mountains with modern electric sounds. Segundo, Edgar and Fernando come from Otavalo and play traditional Ecuadorean instruments, while Nelson, who is from Chile, plays electric guitar & bass and brings his experience as a street performer to the band. They have travelled to Europe, Australia, United States and Canada to share their cultural history through music, and we know their performance will be unlike any other history class youve taken.

Emerging from the swirling offspring/parallel evolutions of Brazilian saudade, Spanish canto hondo, Cape Verdean morna and pan-Latin nueva trova, Puerto Rican born Lourdes Perez carries on the strong vocal-and-strings tradition of longing, soulful testimony as a form of celebrating the most human elements of life. One of a relatively few female trovadoras and writer/composers in the tradition, Perez contributes her perspective as a woman and as an immigrant living inside the United States. As Perez began recording and touring in the U.S. and drawing mainly English-speaking or mixed language audiences, it was not her words in Spanish, but rather the sound of her completely enrapturing voice-a powerful and vulnerable contralto--that garnered immediate attention. With the release of her first CD, Recuerdate Por Mi, in 1994, Perez received a firestorm of acclaim from fan polls and critics alike. She followed it up with Vestigios in 1997 and firmly established herself as a significant international artist. She followed that release up with many unique performances, including a show in the war zones of Chiapis for Zapatista indigenous communities,as the only woman trovadora in festivals in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and most recently as the only non-English language artist on the Suffragette Sessions tour with the Indigo Girls. Lourdes will be accompanied by virtuoso Peruvian violinist Javier Chaparro as she takes the Volcano stage by storm!!!!

Third Eye Tribe create a mixbag style of organic electronica that is woven together with a commonality of heavy dub bass lines, hence the title of their recently released CD Wub-suffer. Ranging from hip-hop, to jungle, to breakbeat, to techno, to straight up old school dub, Third Eye Tribes music is up-beat and danceable, yet chill enough that you dont have to be a raver to dig it. At the centre of the project is Jacob Cino, who deliberately avoids the typical gangsta rap macho stance in favour of messages of positivity and unity. Jacob collaborates with many amazing musicians in the community, including Jeet Kai and live drummer Rob Chursinoff. If you need to be uplifted and wanna feel the bass in your face, catch Third Eye Tribes closing night performance on the mainstage.

Musicians from the Kurdish community playing traditional songs about the struggles of their people.

Seven cracked musicians playing political and traditional music in the most non-tradtional of ways, Flying Folk Army has continually pushed the boundaries of what folk music is supposed to be. Their immense range of instruments and vocal styles allows for a diverse and frenetic trip through music that traverses the range of celtic, cajun, disco, klezmer, eastern european, north american labour songs and anything else that sounds funky, all held together by a driving dance beat. Although the Flying Folk Army plays the type of music that your grandparents love, they are still the type of people your parents warned you about......

Straight outta East Van, the heavyweight champs of the D.I.Y. scene. Respected for their tireless efforts to infuse the punk scene with a dose of politics, Submission Hold have been an active part of their community for years and show no signs of slowing down. Constant touring and their desire to push the boundaries of what is considered punk music, have enabled the band to become a strong musical force. Their most recent record Waiting for Another Monkey to Throw The First Brick, released on Ebullition Records in the U.S., is full of the kind of lyrics youd expect from a band with their feet firmly planted on political ground. Dealing with a range of issues from abortion rights to anti-fascism to the fight against multi-national corporations, Submission Hold make it their mission to educate and empower. Just for the record they wanted to play for free, but were paying them anyhow...........

Elizabeth Fischers music is visceral and enraged and yet the tenderness and naked vulnerability of her voice and her melodies splits your being with the truth that human existence, whether or not it survives, is held in fragments. Recognized, often hesitantly,as the punk goddess of the infamous 80s band Animal Slaves, Fischer continues to make music that cannot be categorically defined. She combines cabaret, punk, jazz, hungarian folk music, traditional jewish music from eastern europe and the howls of her bouvier. With Gypsy Fire, a traditional gypsy band whose members come, some quite recently, from Hungary and Romania, Elizabeth will perform her own work, other modern pieces and traditional songs. You better sit down for this one!!!!!!

six piece all female jazz-folk-rhythm-saxxy-fusion-type-thing.

classical indian dance performance

local b-boy break dancing crew


 Kathleen Yearwood - beautiful sounds and words from this Edmonton singer/songwriter

 One Against - Straight outta high school, Sechelt hardcore

 Los Higos de la Crisis - Mexico City revolutionary singers Roberto Vargas & Alejandro Luna

 Byathread - Revelation emo-hardcore recently returned from a Canadian tour

 Squamish Nation Eaglesong dancers - traditional drumming & dancing

 Sawagi Taiko - all female taiko sensations revered for their awesome musicianship and power.

 Blood Music Project - East Van project with grooves, beats and words.

 Art & Revolution Collective - collaborative performance with local and U.S. Art & Rev. groups & Zero Gravity fire performers.

 Rigor Coloma - an amazingly powerful political Filipino singer/songwriter from Seattle

 Sara & Tegan - 18 year old twins like early Ani Difranco but way cooler.......



 Michael Bzowy

 Jim Page

 Laurel Albina

 Rigor Coloma


 Munchkin Productions Presents an all-star cast of DJ's designed to move ya body all day long. DJ Danny-V, DJ J-Bone, DJ expo, TRCKZ and Jeet K will be spinning and rhyming amongst trees & sky.

 b-side collective invites you to "eclectic", a community of DJ's and dancers who will take you on a journey thru the soundscape spectrum. Venture into spoken word, deep rooted electronic, dub, worldbeat and beyond....experience a chill space without walls and the sky as your ceiling.


The kids zone is a space created for kids & parents to enjoy activities and contribute their creative vision and energy to the festival. Parents are encouraged to participate in the fun, as the kids area is meant to be interactive and is not meant to be used for childcare. The performers will leave you awe inspired, the crafts projects will encourage creative stimulation and the overall energy of the area will acknowledge and reaffirm why being a kid is so fun.

-Evelyn Roths inflatable storytelling Volcano, plus a costume parade with local storyteller Michael Ouchi.

-Arts & Crafts Interactive Zone-
all kinds of weird & crazy crafts projects, including mask making with the Art & Revolution Collective.

-Wee Ones Juice Stand-
lots of fresh fruit & beverages

-Sleepy Hollow-
time out area for those who need a power nap. Sorry for kids only. Equipped with lots of blankets and cushions. A breast-feeding-friendly area.


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