Canada Palestine Solidarity Network Editorial

CanPalNet, the Canadian-Palestine Support Network

Armed power can dispossess; it can humiliate those living under occupation. But the anger this sows cannot be extinguished by more dispossession and more humiliation and more killing. Peace is impossible without justice.

When the people of South Africa fought against apartheid, Canadians of every background, every ethnicity and colour, gave their support. We saw it as every Canadian's responsibility to change our government's policy, until Ottawa too opposed the injustice of racism in South Africa.

When East Timorese fought for their national independence from Indonesian occupation, Canadians didn't stand aside because they weren't of Timorese or Indonesian background. We understood it as a matter of justice and the responsibility of us all to change our government's support for the Indonesian government.

Now the Palestinian people are struggling, in the most difficult of circumstances, facing intensified Israeli military repression, still expanding settlements, more land seizures, collective punishment, and the even further division of the West Bank and Gaza into segregated apartheid structures.

In this new crisis situation it is necessary for Canadians from all backgrounds to help protect the lives, homes, and land of Palestinians.

We again must take up our responsibility to ensure the policy of the Canadian government supports the human, democratic and national rights of the Palestinian people.

To this end, CANPALNET (Canada Palestine Support Network) has organized a Canada-wide "Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories". The goal is to change Canadian government policy on this issue. All of us, with all our different backgrounds, have the same responsibility to make this policy a just one.

The campaign statement is on our website: (go to campaigns and you will find a link to the statement and the list of signatories).


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to add your name or that of your organization to the statement.