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Malcolm Lowry STAGE

1:00 - Naomi Steinberg
1:15 - Benjamin Arce
1:30 - Okalani LeBlanc
1:45 - Amy Johnson
2:00 - sara kendall & Maya Suess
2:20 - Turiya Autry
2:40 - Jarrett Martineau
2:55 - Special Guest
3:00 - Blue Scholars
3:20 - Vanessa Richards
3:35 - Tameem B (Threat From Outer Space)
3:50 - Junie Desil
4:05 - Special Guest
4:10 - Emmanuel Adjei-Achampong
4:30 - Isangmahal Arts Kollective
4:50 - Cristina Orbe
5:10 - Ndidi Cascade
5:30 - Amalia Townsend (Sekoya)
5:50 - Abyssinian Creole


Emmanuel Adjei-Achampong, Heart and Soul

Emmanuel Adjei-Achampong is energy trying to heal through the power of music. Emmanuel was born and raised in Ghana, spent a year in Egypt, and 18 years in Canada. Upon reflection, he adopted the moniker “heart and soul” to encapsulate the feeling of seeing people of diverse ‘race, colour, creed, class and gender’ moving to one beat. Emmanuel is a producer, song writer, arranger and recording artist who paints emotions with words. eadjei_achampong@hotmail.com

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a healer and singer who has been performing for almost 3 years. She believes in song as a healing force and by extension as a political force - music as a source of connection and transformation.

Junie DésilJunie Désil

Junie Désil is a Haitian-Canadian writer. Born in Montréal, and now living in Vancouver, Junie has performed previously at UTV. Her work has appeared on CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera, and in various other print media. Junie’s work reflects her personal and political realities.

Amalia Townsend (Sekoya)Amalia Townsend (Sekoya)

Songstress + Spoken Word Artist Leading one of Canada’s most cutting edge nu-soul jazz bands, SEKOYA, Amalia has just completed her first national tour. Amalia a.k.a. Miss Fuze has shared the same stage as Medusa, UK’s Cinematic Orchestra, Cuba’s Maraca, and Norway’s Jaga Jazzist and Beady Belle to name but a few. Be warned, this girl’s dedication to and passion for music is monstrous. www.sekoya.ca

Tameem B (Threat From Outer Space)

Comic book fury with in a death match with political consciousness. Repping planet earth since 1976. www.threatfromouterspace.com

Vanessa RichardsVanessa Richards

An interdisciplinary artist with a foundation in poetry, Richards is a former Joint Artistic Director for performing arts company Mannafest in London, England. Her poetry been widely anthologised in the UK, USA, Holland, and Canada. Richards is committed to culture and creative education as a means for personal and civic metamorphosis, backbone and beauty.

Sara KendallSara Kendall

Mouth percussion, rhymes and rolling song, sara carries thought through words to move the action along. Strong voice from a Vancouver learner-artistactivist who moves both impromptu and planned, bringing critical dialogue forth through the jam.

Abyssinian CreoleAbyssinian Creole

The Seattle - Brooklyn trio of Khingz (f.k.a. khalil crisis), Gabriel Teodros & Kitone on the beats. They’re known for making classic hip hop, drinking hella coffee and calling it the sexy beast. They all have solo projects as well as songs with moka only & ian head. www.myspace.com/abcreole

Benjamin ArcéBenjamin Arcé

Benjamin Arcé is a poet, MC, and founding member of the Lost Tribes of the Sun hip-hop collective. An MC/vocalist with live hip-hop band The Front, Benjamin has also recorded with Usual Suspects, Crowd Control Collective, Kia Kadiri, and Dov Gray. He is currently working on his debut solo album.

Jarrett MartineauJarrett Martineau

Jarrett Martineau is a founding member and coordinator of Lost Tribes of the Sun, and an MC with live hip-hop band The Front. He has performed at poetry and hip-hop events in Montreal, Vancouver, and Seattle and is currently working on projects with Long Division, Combat, and Damage Control. The Front’s debut album “Signs of Life” is available now. www.thefront.ca , www.ltos.net

Okalani LeBlancOkalani LeBlanc

Okalani LeBlanc is a multitalented singer/poet/improv artist. She has strong links to the local arts and activism scene via organizations such as E.Y.A., M.A.W.O and Redwire Magazine. Expect nothing less than an honest opinion from a strong, beautiful voice.

Ndidi Cascade

Hip hop emcee, positive lyricist & youth workshop facilitator, Ndidi has shared the stage with greats such as Femi Kuti and Michael Franti. She has toured across Canada and has a music video called “End The Silence” currently in rotation on Much Music. www.ndidicascade.com

Maya Suess

Maya Suess is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. She has performed as a member of Feso (contemporary Zimbabwean dance band) and Knee Deep, a hybrid-hip-hop ensemble. She is currently aiming at becoming Dr. Suess and hopes to continue to push the boundaries of performance.

Isangmahal Arts Kollective

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Blue Scholars

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Turiya Autry

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Cristina Orbe

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