50 Artists | 5 Stages | Rain or Shine!
volcano@resist.ca | Info/Volunteer Line: 604.255.0163
Photos left to right: Euphrates/The Gossip/
Dope Poets Society/ Ward Churchill/clann zu


1:00 - DJ Ugly & DJ Hotdawg
1:45 - DJ Highstrung
2:30 - DJ numbernone
3:15 - DJ Flatgrey
4:00 - T.n.T
4:45 - The Mazeguider
5:30 - DJ Jacob Cino
6:15 - Micheal Red
7:00 - Moves
7:45 - Needle Knieval


DJ Flatgrey

DJ Flatgrey spins glitchy hard experimental noise with a bitter working class existence.

DJ Numbernone

Numbernone tosses it up with politicized ragga jungle and dance speed hall.


She will get you shakin with her funk soul mixes. It’s hot and there’s no way to get around it other than shaking it.

DJ Ugly & DJ Hotdawg

This team will bounce you like no other. Hip-hop rock and 80’s tracks that will make you wonder what decade you’ve wandered into and how it could be so good.

Michael Red

Who knows what mood Michael will be in today? The music will either be a hot little something to wine your waist to, or a pretty, sparkly something to lie down and dream to. Or maybe a mix of both.


Resident low pressure records dj/beetmaker/alkoholik. Moves’ been djin’ for 12 years and never ceases to keep the party drunk. Getting crunk is played out. Old, mid and new school hip-hop, Moves does it all.

Needle Knieval

Get ready to Get Up Get Down as Needle Knieval takes you to The Promised Land. Known for his signature soulful and funky sound, The Urban Renewal Project is his intent and the 3-Day Weekend his prerogative. Basically, he’s keeping it Monday Night Live. What? Just come out and listen.

DJ Highstrung

East Van DJ / Producer known for keeping your house party hype and your fundraiser bumpin. Highstrung’s show feels like a BC summer, hot and fiery. He hits you in the brain and the badunkadunk. Watch for the satellite dogs, his new production team.

The Mazeguider

Representing the East Van tribal vibrations with fierce and funky, deep and driving breakbeats.

DJ Jacob Cino

This local beat maker and rhymer has brought his heavy bass loving tunes to ears around the world. Now the east van veteran throws down his wicked styles once again at the volcano. Represent!


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