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Dragonfly Children's Festival

Dragonfly Workshops

Dragonfly Performers

Dragonfly Children's Festival
Imagination Headquarters!

Stop by any time of the day and join us for games, face painting, our magic wishing well and all around good times.

Or if you’re feeling creative...


To The Beat of Your Own Drum

Making music is fun especially when you use instruments you have made yourselves


King/Queen for a Day

If you were king / queen for a day what would the flag from your kingdom look like?


I Spy

Help UTV by being our festival photographers. Show us the festival through your eyes. Cameras provided.


Jack & the Basil Stalk

Plant a seed and watch in grow in pots that you’ve painted as your own.


Dragonfly Performers



Welcome in the festival with some yoga postures led by friend of the festival Miss P who’s come all the way from New Zealand to join us.


Robert Wilson

Robert has said some of his favourite moments came out of little bursts of creativity. This highly creative singer songwriter must be overflowing with favourite moments. Join us as he performs songs about some of these.



Do A Little Dance

Dee Cru II’s b-girl Aly a.k.a Paws encourages self-expression and creativity. She’ll be encouraging us all to "get down" with this breakdance performance and workshop.


Headley Pan School Students

Take musical trip to Trinidad, home of the 21st century’s newest instrument; the Steel Pan, with a performance from students of accomplished teacher and soloist Kenrick Headley.


Children of the Rainbow Drum Group

Come see this First Nations/Aboriginal Children’s group perform with their pow wow and hand drums in their rainbow color of choice to represent peace, harmony, friendship and the many First Nations/Aboriginal cultures (Cree, Mohawk, Metis, etc) within the group.



Storytelling With Naomi Steinberg

Naomi Steinberg has told stories for folks of all ages in various  places from conferences in Tuscany to festivals  on the West Coast. She offers workshops and can often be found on a back porch somewhere. Most recently she returned from  a month in Israel and Palestine where she went to collect stories.



Sam's Rot'n Pot'n Pan Band

"X" marks the spot where this merry band of Pirate minstrels will be playing shanties. They'll have everyone doing a jig in no time!



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