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These activities will be held on the south side of the main road, across from the food vendor area.

~ PARPAR (short for ParticiParté)

~ Olympics-Free-Zone


PARPAR (ParticiPartÉ)

A game for 40 - 100 people + elementals

What: Interactive game exploring self governance through community play.

Why: To open dialogue and create frameworks for community based deliberation and strategic action.

Objective: Keep the World Alive.

For rules and more info: cooperativeway.org


Olympics-Free Zone
Anti-Olympic Games Banner- and Sign-Making

No 2010 OlympicsThis Zone will be a place to find out how you can get involved in the resistance to the 2010 Winter Games.


No Olympics on Stolen Land!
No to Eco-Destruction!
No to Social Cleansing!

Resistance to the 2010 Olympics has been going on for years – long before the bid announcement was ever made. The 2010 Games are just the latest face of colonization, globalization, privatization and gentrification in BC.

B.C. is over 90% unceded territory – no treaties have ever been signed on most of this province. Governments try to give as much of this land as possible to their cronies for all kinds of development, including construction and expansion of ski resorts. So when the Olympics come along, it’s clearly not about athletic competition – it’s about profit. More and more profit for the mega-rich elite already cashing in on stolen land.

In urban centres the pressure on land takes the form of low-income housing being emptied, torn down and developed into condos or tourist hotels. Hundreds of units of cheap housing have already been lost, and more will go before 2010 arrives. With the approach of the Games, acts of sabotage as well as mass mobilizations have taken place that have successfully destabilized the plans of the Olympic elites.

Come visit the Olympics-Free Zone and get involved in the struggles against colonialism, capitalism and the 2010 Games!


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