Under the Volcano 2008 ~ Festival of Art & Social Change

2008 FAQ

  1. Can I bring my dog?
    Sorry, but pets of any kind are not allowed on the Festival site with the exception of seeing eye dogs. Please do not tie your dog to the fence or leave them in your car. We love dogs, but sorry you can’t bring them.

  2. Can I smoke at the festival?
    New rules from District of North Vancouver disallow any patrons in the park from smoking. We're not a rule-heavy oriented festival, but this one cannot be bent. We appreciate your co-operation, thanks.

  3. Is there somewhere safe I can lock my bike?
    Yes, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition has graciously offered to valet park your bikes. This is to the right of the upper (west) gate. Bikes cannot be brought into the site. We like people who ride bikes.

  4. What are the hours of the festival?
    The gates open @ 12 and the festival ends at 9:30pm. We like Cates Park’s neighbors so please be respectful when leaving the site.

  5. Can I bring my own food?
    Yes, by all means, but please try to minimize the amount of garbage you leave behind. Please note that alcohol is not permitted on the Festival grounds. We hate garbage, especially the day after the festival.

  6. Can I buy food at the fest?
    Absolutely. There are numerous food vendors selling a variety of foods and beverages. When you buy from these vendors, it supports the festival too!!

  7. Does UTV still provide free shuttles?
    Yes, they leave approximately every 30 mins from Broadway Skytrain starting @ 11am (though they have no fixed schedule). The last buses leave Cates @ 9:45pm after the fest.

  8. Is there parking at Cates?
    Please don’t drive. We have limited parking on-site and we strongly encourage you to take a shuttle, public transit or ride your bike. Free shuttles, who doesn’t love those?

  9. Is the fest wheelchair accessible?
    Yes it is and we do have a drop-off area on-site for people with disabilities and a limited amount of parking spots as well. Please let our parking staff know if you require one of these designated spots.

  10. Can you explain the festival admission policy?
    Admissions are “by-donation” with a suggested $10-$20 at the gate (there are no “advance” tickets.) There are also by-donation $5 low income tickets available at the MAIN gates only. In keeping with our philosophy around accessibility, no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. However, we need to re-emphasize that we rely heavily on day-of revenue, (primarily admissions) to cover our expenses and therefore we ask that you consider:

    * $10 for modest incomes and students
    * $15-$20 for part time workers
    * $20 for full time workers.

    We hate talking about money. We’re not fans of capitalism either. But it costs money to organize a festival this big, and the only way we can continue to program high caliber artists and workshops is if our audience supports our work. We also suggest if you cannot afford to attend the festival, you consider joining our day-of volunteer crew. We love volunteers so much we give them a festival t-shirt and snacks. And our undying gratitude.

  11. Who organizes UTV?
    The UTV organizing collective is comprised of 5 core people. Several of us work year round and we’re all unpaid staff. We do it as a labour of love and because we strongly support the work of local activist and community groups. We’re rounded out by an excellent crew in the days leading up to and after the festival, as well our 100+ volunteers.