Under the Volcano 2008 ~ Festival of Art & Social Change

Waterfront Stage

Jess Hill

Jess HillLike the intuition implied by synchronized movement, Jess Hill’s music reminds you of something you thought you’d forgotten. Anchored in the tendencies of folk, blues and jazz, Jess tells stories: cyclones and downpours, hovering birds, white skies. Seven years ago, she picked up a careworn guitar. A little while later she grabbed hold of a banjo. Since then, she has collaborated with acclaimed spoken word trio Tons of Fun University at the Vancouver Folk Festival and played to spellbound audiences everywhere from from Vancouver to Cape Town. 2006 marked the release of her first full length album Road. In the dim light of midnight living rooms and in the hearts of singing shadows, Jess Hill is building something beautiful.


Resist the Right

Resist the RightResist The Right was born out of a passion for music with a compassionate pulse. With lyrics focusing on how important it is to stay true to your friends and ethics in a world where violence is profitable, RTR hope to make a connection with people who are saying, enough is enough. Following in the foot steps of other staunchly DIY punk bands, Resist The Right will embark on a U.S. tour after their performance at UTV.

“And they’ve got the masses tranquilized, as ‘entertainment’ phases out the billions of good people who die at the hands of this world’s monumental and governmental lies. Yet it’s us who stitched their suit and ties, so we can unravel all the red tape to find...”
– From the song Manifest Molotov


The Heard

The HeardThe Heard is a brand new perpetually evolving supergroup that features a plethora of talented musicians, lead by the Killing Time production machine (the group’s backbone and only constant). Their music is a relentless hybrid of genres fused together to provide maximum auditory pleasure. For their UTV set, they will showcase the emcee/ vocal skills of Shay Faded, an up & coming talent who’s starting to make a name for herself in the local hiphop community.

With extensive combined experience in many different types of live shows, The Heard can adapt to any crowd, and feed off of the energy of the audience. Expect some solid skillz!



IskwewIskwew is Sandy Scofield (Metis), Brenda Hanson (Klahoose, Coast Salish) and Kym Gouchie (Carrier, Cree, Shuswap) and together, they perform and create songs in the plains, west coast and northern interior traditions.

They have performed at the First Annual Gathering of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas in Sonora, Mexico (October 2007), Third International Chihuahua Festival in Mexico (August 2007), the First Peoples’ International Festival in Pau, France (June 2006), and innumerable Canadian Festivals and cultural events. Individually, they each come from long lines of musicians and are seasoned performers in their own right.


Kalpana Prasad

Kalpana PrasadKalpana was introduced to Hindustani Classical music in her childhood years by Shri Bimal Bhattacharya. She then studied music at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi under Smt. Padma Mudgal.

In the 80’s she won various prestigious awards including 1st Prize for Indian Vocal Music at the Inter-university level competition at Pilani Music Festival in India (’86) and Best Singer Award at Lady Irwin College, New Delhi (’84).

Since ‘91 she has been training under Shri Rattan Mohan Sharma and since ‘97, has been a student of the legendary Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji under the patronage of the Pandit Jasraj School of Music.



HeadwaterWhat is Tractor Jazz? Well to start with, its just about the best way to describe Headwater’s music. Think folk music could use more edge? Think country music could use less electric guitars and more banjos? Think a solid breakfast is an important start to your day?

So does Headwater.

Headwater formed in the fall of 2005 hoping to become the basis of a reality TV show. The show fell through, so the band has had to resort to selling records and t-shirts and all that.

There’s been no looking back.

Headwater has not opened for the Who.
Headwater has not toured with Annie Lennox.
Alice Cooper has covered none of their songs.

Headwater has rocked the socks off of every venue they’ve played.

“...I’ll make this guarantee: If you like Tom Waits, Blue Rodeo and Wilco, you’ll like Headwater.”
– Sarah Petrescu, The Times Colonist


Canaray Sing

Canaray SingCANARY SING is Madlinez the Lioness (Madeleine Clifford) and Ispire (Hollis Wong-Wear). Poets, emcees, students and teachers, Canary Sing represent for youth, the Others, and those who navigate between borders. They are mentors for the literary arts organization Youth Speaks Seattle, and were members of the 2006 Seattle Youth Slam Team that placed 4th in the nation and performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Active in Seattle since December ‘06, they have performed with such artists as Gabriel Teodros, Dead Prez, Medusa, Talib Kweli and others.