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Mad Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

1923 Fernwood St, Victoria, BC
Mon-Sat 12-4pm

Mass Movement for Mass Movements

Learn a way to collectively develop a dance theatre street performance for your next action.

Mayworks Festival of Working Class Culture & Politics

PO Box 21552
1850 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC V5N 4A0
Phone: 683-7123
Get involved for 2001!

Marginalized Workers Action League (MWAL)

2672 Cambridge St., Vancouver, BC V5K 1L5 Phone: 253-1961
Publication: MWAL Newsletter

Native Youth Movement

521-119 W. Pender St.
Vancouver, B.C V6B 1S5
Phone: 602-7226 Fax: 689-4242
Publication: Red Wire Magazine

Nelson Eco-Centre

577 Ward St., Nelson, BC, V1L 1T1
Phone: (250) 354-4615
Fax (call first!): (250) 354-4615

Nelson Pride

(250) 352-7303

NDP Socialist Caucus

Rebel Centre, 2278 East 24th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5N 2V2
Phone: 874-9048 Fax: 874-9041 Publication: Manifesto for a Socialist Canada
Comprised of NDP members from across Canada and Quebec committed to winning the party to a socialist programme, to replace the pro-capitalist politics espoused by the majority of the federal and provincial leaders. Their politics abandon the interests of working people and are leading the NDP to defeats and irrelevancy. We fight for a socialist Canada in our lifetimes. Join us!

NDP Socialist Caucus Cuba Tour 2001

Rebel Centre (see above listing)
One and two week May Day 2001 tours of Cuba. Meet with labour, women, youth, and government organizations.

New Socialist Group

c/o Janis Kaleta
311-1556 East 5th Ave. Vancouver BC, V5N 1L7 Phone: 253-1565 (Janis)

New Society Publishers

Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0
1-800-567-6772 Fax: (604) 247-7471

N. Amer. Animal Liberation Front Press Office

The Voice of the ALF
Box 3673, Courtenay BC, V9N 7P1 (250) 703-6312
Fax: (419) 858-9065

Our Community Bikes

197 East 17 Ave Vancouver, BC V5V 1A5
Phone: 879-BIKE or 879-2453
Open 11am-6pm Everyday. Recycle bikes repair, courses, shop and tool rental (sliding scale), inshop instruction+repair

Oxfam Canada

2524 Cypress St, Vancouver, BC V6J3N2
Phone: 736-7678 Fax: 736-9646
Oxfam Canada is an International Development Organization committed to equitable distribution of wealth & power through fundamental social change. We work in relation of solidarity and partnership to eradicate poverty, underdevelopment & powerlessness. Oxfam Canada is engaged in a development process which recognizes the imperative of social justice and equity.

Pacific Centre for Alternative Journalists

2021 Kitchener St., Vancouver, BC
Phone: 877-1223 Fax: 708-1497
Publication: Resistance Round-up

Pathfinder Bookstore

4321 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC
Phone: 872-8343

People's Co-op Bookstore

1391 Commercial Dr., Van., BC V5L 3X5
Phone: 253-6442
The People's Co-op Bookstore is a bookstore that really is owned and operated by its members. The People's Co-op was formed in 1945 as a reaction to the evastating experience of fascism and nazism that gave rise to World War II. The original brochure pointed out: "The struggle against fascism must be carried on. Because of this (situation) people are grasping for solutions...The People's Co-op Bookstore will be more than just a book-selling business. It will aim to stimulate the circulation of books that are socially significant." The People's Co-op Bookstore stocks a variety of books and magazines for activists and the avid reader. Come by and check us out!

People's Voice

706 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3J1
Phone: 255-2041 Fax: 254-9803
Publication: People's Voice

Planned Parenthood Association of BC

201 - 1001 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 4B1
Phone: 731-4252
Fax: 731-4698

Prison Justice Day Committee

PO Box 78005
2606 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC V5W 5W1
Phone: 682-3269 x3019
Fax: 872-0509
Publication: pjd zine
Prisoner's Justice Day is on August 10th each year and was started back in 1975 at Millhaven Prison in Kingston, Ontario.. It is a day when prisoners and supporters gather to honour the memory of those who have died unnatural deaths inside Canadian prisons. On this day, prisoners around the world fast, refuse to work, and remain in their cells while supporters organize community events to draw public attention to the conditions inside prisons and the urgent need for change within both the criminal justice and the prison systems. Prisoners' Justice Day Committee in Vancouver has been around since 1976 and organizes an annual memorial rally, as well as other events (including, depending on the year, Rock Against Prisons, community radio programming, workshops, a raffle and more) The committee works from an abolitionists perspective and actively supports prisoners' and other community organizations who support prisoners.

Pro-Choice Action Network

512-1755 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V6G 3B7
Phone: 736-2800
Fax: 736-2869
Publication: Pro-Chice Press

Prostitution Alternatives Counselling & Education Society (PACE)

PO Box 73537
1014 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1A7
Phone: 872-7651
Fax: 872-7508

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