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Art Express Bus


The Art ExpressClimb aboard The Art Express mobile children’s art studio for some art fun on the run! A magical conversion of a school bus into a mobile children’s art studio! Using canvas, rubber stamps and markers, children will have the opportunity to climb aboard and make their own sketchbook. Each child will be able to take away their own creation that day.

Mind Of A Snail Puppet Co


Mind of a Snail Puppet CoMind of a Snail Puppet Co. are a “compost-modern” puppetry duo (Jessica Gabriel and Chloé Ziner) from the Sunshine Coast. Their performances com­bine originally crafted puppets, music and masked characters. Mind of a Snail colorfully expose cultural quirks by developing simple stories around ideas that represent human’s interconnectedness with what is natural, what is artificial, and where everything blurs in between.

Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts Puppet Troupe


Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts Puppet TroupeCarnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts Puppet Troupe is an ever-evolving metamorphic troupe of puppeteers, crafts people and musicians. They have been performing in a wide variety of venues in the Pacific north-west for 10 years. The troupe is known for always telling difficult stories in engaging mediums. For UTV they will be performing their show “The Growing Gar­den Sing Along”.

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