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Bobby George

Tsleil-waututh Elder

Johneric Concordia

Johneric Concordia has been an active organizer in his community of Downtown Los Angeles Echo Park (also known as Historic Filipinotown) since the age of 12. Recognized and awarded for his activism, Johneric has been featured in the Los Angeles Times numerous times and received the United Way’s Youth Volunteer of the Year Honor when he traveled to Australia to share and discuss his involvement with the youth of Sydney. Now 25, Johneric has lectured in various universities, community centers, high schools, conferences, and forums regarding youth organizing/activism.

Since his return from the Philippines Johneric has gone on a national speaking tour to share an in depth perspective on the ongoing struggle of the Bangsamoro people in their fight for self-determination and rights to ancestral lands.

As the Philippines has been declared the 2nd Front in Bush Jr.’s so called “War on Terror”, Mindanao and its people face continuous hardships, exploitation, human rights violations, and oppression perpetrated by the U.S. backed-Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Regime.

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Carlo Sayo

Spoken word artist Carlo Sayo is a founding member of the Filipino-Canadian Youth Alliance (a comprehensive youth organization that educates and mobilizes Filipino youth around the issues of cultural awareness and community), a founding organizer of Roots, Rhymes and Resistance and a founding member of the Sinag Bayan Cultural Theatre Collective. A Communication Design graduate from Emily Carr, Carlo integrated for two-months with the Tambisan Cultural Arts Collective in the Philippines and participated in their street-theatre productions.

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Kim Shaughnessy

Kim Shaughnessy is the illegitimate child of Courtney Love and Shirley Temple on a lunch date with Ellen Degeneres and has been performing spoken word for two years. As an active member of the poetry slam community, she has been featured at poetry events across Canada, and currently hosts a queer open mic series in Vancouver.

Andrew Struthers

Andrew Struthers grew up in Scotland, Uganda, B.C. and Japan. He has created two books - The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan and The Green Shadow - two plays, four short films, three screenplays and a syndicated comic strip. He’s won Western and National Magazine Awards. Before he began writing full time he fished, logged, worked on the railroad, and homesteaded in Clayoquot Sound for ten years in a hand-hewn pyramid, surfing obsessively and only coming ashore to eat and sleep, until the Federal Government told him that there was no such profession.

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Amy Mahoney

Amy Mahoney is a potent, pure, and raw artist whose stage presence is both gorgeous and eerie, a blend of genius, wit, and core aches. She is co-owner of Oratrix Productions (she’s featured on the 2003 Oratrix All Girl All Word Tour CD) and is President of the Board of Directors for Bent, (Seattle Queer Writing Institute). She has two self-published collections of poetry “Dirt Girl” and “Warning Label”. and is featured in Canadian Anthology Fusion.

Naji Hussein

Naji Hussein was born in Iraq and has been writing poetry since his childhood; a gift which he developed through his vast readings of Aljahiliyya, Islamic and modern Arabic poetry. Naji has published many poetry books, including “The Sky has Forgotten Itself”, “The Resurrection of Palm Trees”, and “Dates on the BaIcory of Memory”. He has performed at Arabic and international poetry festivals, communicating a message of love, tolerance and peace.

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Tara Hardy

Tara Hardy is a working class queer femme poet who founded Bent, a writing institute for LGBTIQ people in Seattle, WA. A daughter of the United Auto Workers, and activist in the Battered Women's Movement, she was elected Seattle's Poet Populist and won Seattle Grand Slam Champion in 2002.

Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote was born and raised in Whitehorse and is the son of a welder and the daughter of a government worker. Ivan’s first and truest love is live storytelling, and over the last ten years she has become an audience favourite at music, poetry, spoken word and writer’s festivals from Anchorage to NYC. Ottawa X Press said “ Coyote is to CanLit what k.d. lang is to country music: a beautifully odd fixture.” Ivan’s fourth book, Loose End, is due out this fall, her first novel will hit shelves in spring 2006, and she recently launched Hand Made Tales, a one manwoman video-storytelling concoction laced with live musical accompaniment.

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