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Under the Volcano is 100% volunteer run! Be a part of the Action!

It's that time of the summer! Under the Volcano is gearing up for its 16th year & is looking for your help...

To take part in this fabulous festival of resistance, you can check out the various jobs we have available, then fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let us know what you would like to do. You can also send us an email at

Thanks! You Rawk!

Krisztina & Gisele
Volcano Volunteer Coordinators


Before the Festival:

Publicity: Equip yourself with staples, wheatpaste, or your adhesive of choice and blitz your neighbourhood. Go to festivals and concerts and leaflet. Help distro the program around the neighbourhood.

Office Admin: Unleash the secretary within. Answer phones, emails, make coffee for the boss.

Set Up: Sat Aug 7th 2004, help set up booths, paint signs and get the park ready for the festival

During the Festival:

Gates: Stand at the gates, take money, greet all the pretty people. Work it sugar, Under the Volcano relies on donations to exist.

Info Table: Sit in the shade and answer questions. Questions like: When is the last bus? What band is on stage right now? Where are the workshops? Also includes directing incoming volunteers to their stations. You will be equippd with information and walkie talkies. You will feel smart and powerful.

Children’s Area: Play with kids! Art! Sports! Fun! Sign up quick, this
area always fills up first!

Security: Feel tough, be tough, but peace sister, no rough stuff.

Parking: Direct cars to empty parking spaces, chastise single occupancy vehicles, get to say “No, your other left, sir”

Food: Feed volunteers, munch on stuff when people aren’t looking.

Recycling: ‘cuz it’s better than taking out the trash.

After the Festival:

Take Down: Break down the stages, pick up garbage. More fun than you might think. We usually go back the next day and can provide rides if you need one.


All Volcano volunteers will get free entrance to the festival, one meal, and in some cases a t-shirt.


(eg. East Van, DTES, Bowen Island)



Area of Interest:

Please indicate your 3 top choices (1, 2, 3; 1 being your first choice).
Information on all volunteer positions outlined above.

Set up Take Down Food
Office Admin Recycling Security
Gates Parking Info Table
Security Children's Area Publicity


Afternoon 3pm - 6pm

Evening 6pm - 9pm

Is there anything we can provide to make this more accessible for you?(eg. billeting, special needs)

How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity?

Questions? Suggestions? Comments?

BONUS QUESTION: What's one of your favorite books?

***Orientation Session: Tues Aug 3rd 7pm or Thurs Aug 5th @ 7pm at Grandview Park.***

Which session can you attend?

Tues Aug 3th @ 7pm

Thurs Aug 5th @ 7pm



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