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Created in 2001 by Phoenix Olivia, Soldiers of the Underground was an event production company that specialized in all-night electronic music shows featuring some of the finest DJs and producers from the West Coast of North America, including Cary Chang, Kevin Shiu, Osiris Indriya, Hoah Pred and Bluetech.

However, the name Soldiers of the Underground really represents all of the people involved in the underground dance movement and culture, all the individuals that support, educate, inspire and strengthen the scene, and have a thirst for intelligent and emotional music.

Soldiers of the Underground Records recently released a full complilation "PASSION" with all original music featuring west coast producers Noah Pred, Jacob Cino, Damon Shea, Phoenix Olivia, Osiris Indriya and Chris Misnec. Styles range from reggae, drum & bass, techno to breaks and tribal progressive.

The PASSION CD will be available for $10.00 at the Soldiers of the Underground stage and at the Main Merchandise stage while supplies last.


Phoenix Olivia (Guyana, South America)

Soldiers of the Underground | Mythic Tech Styles |

Phoenix Olivia has spent the last six years fine tuning her sound of Deep Tribal Prograssive which is often compared to the Global Underground sound od Sasha/Digweed, Max Graham and Luke Chabel. Considered by her peers to be one of the hardest working event organizers in Vancouver BC, Phoenix continues to electrify dancefloors wherever she graces.

N.U.D.L.Z. (Sunshine Coast, Canada)

Soldiers of the Underground | Rapid Fire Records

Branded as one of Canada's most unfluential breakbeat artists, Chris Jackson aka NUDLZ combines his many creative talents into a unique, unforgettable dancing experience. Chris has managed to stay in the international DJ circuit for over a decade, travelling throughout B.C. and beyond, keeping a keen edge against the mainstream and bravely pushing the boundaries of DJ, Vocalist and Producer. Representing Soldiers of the Underground and "RapidFireRecords", Chris' music reaches deep down to the most rpimal centres in the human DNA.

Prince Sho (Iran, Middle East)

Royal Platoon | Royalty Apparel

Sho began his DJing careen in the dark cramped spaced of the after-hours scene. He is the creative force behind Royal Platoon Sound, and since 1997 the crew have brought Vancouver some of its most memorable jungle & reggae events. New ventures are on the battlefield and frontlines lay ahead, so ur ear to the underground as Prince Sho and the platoon march on into 2005.

Jay Michael (Calgary, Canada)

Hailing from the Calgary, Alberta underground music scene Jay Michael has been playing music for over 8 years. With astounding mixing skills and a breath-taking record collection, yo don't want to miss this wizard weaving his web of moody tribal progressive.

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