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Here is our story on Sutikalh

Prior to May 2, 2000 some of the women in Lil’wat were concerned about the building of a ski resort within our territory because of the happenings in Whistler with all of the false promises, broken agreements, and the unconcern of our territories. Finally enough of all the talk we asked our men to set up camp in Melvin Creek to stop all of the proceedings for a Massive ski resort. We notify our Chiefs within the St’at’imc Territory, and tell them of our opposition to the ski resort. We light a sacred fire. June 11, 2000 we had a meeting in camp with the chiefs of the St’at’imc territory and we tell them why we as a people oppose the resort, our chiefs’ support us and they write a letter to Al Raine of NGR Consultants, and inform them of our stand. Al Raine said in an interview that the Indian problem is now in the hands of the government. In a most resent interview Al Raine said that within ten years that there will be a ski resort in Melvin Creek. We still stand together on this as a nation, we say no to the resort now and forever.

The cost of this massive destruction, 500 million dollars: It would destroy 76 cut block of trees, the natural habitat of the grizzly bear, mountain goats, wolverine and many of our natural medicines and berries we use within this area, and they would sell and destroy water from our last untouched water shed within our St’at’imc territory. They would build; a highway, hotels, golf course, ski hills galore, and have an all season resort retirement home for the rich. The certificate was granted in August 2000 to build the resort and is good for five years and expires in August 17th 2005.

We have an opposition to our stand from loggers, hikers, hunters, cross country skiers, cross country bikers, all terrain vehicle riders, mainly people who thought that they owned the land and have used for the past 5–10 years. They: burn down our information booth, our front gate, tear down our signs, shoot at us, they send in infiltrators, they lie about us to gain support, name calling happens, we are called ‘welfare bums’, ‘Red Nigger’s’, ‘terrorists’, ‘trouble makers’, and ‘thugs’. The RCMP does nothing to help our peaceful camp against oppositionists. Some of our people are criminalized and now have a record for standing up for our title and rights.

We now have been at this camp for 5 years and we plan to stay. Our connection to the lands is not only spiritual; also there are the animals, the birds, the water, the fish, the medicines, the berries, and the trees. The name SUTIKALH means winter spirit, where our medicine people and ancestors went to stay for weeks and even years to learn of our songs, medicines. Today there are estkens (pit houses) visible where they stayed. We have been using the lands for hundreds of years as we still use it in many ways today. Other religions go to churches to pray, we go to the mountains.

We have had many visitors from around the world to come and see our camp, Japan, Germany, Norway, Australia, Africa, Netherlands, England, Switzerland, China, South America (Columbia, Chili and Guatemala) and many first nations from across Canada and the United States. The whole world knows of the plans in building of a ski resort in Melvin Creek and the people of the world are standing with us in this opposition to this massive ski resort plan.

When you travel between Mount Currie and Lillooet there is only breath taking country scenes; mother natures palate is of many beautiful colors, a place for the wild life to roam; a place where the water is pure enough to drink from the streams; a place where you can breath in the fresh air and see all the stars in the sky, on a clear cloudless night; a place you know that the creator was thinking of all creatures of the world; All of this within St’at’imc Nation. We cannot see it destroyed for the sake of the almighty dollar, which will be gone so quickly and the land will be there for hundreds of years to come.

For more information:

call Chief Garry John, 1-250-259-8227 or 1-250-256-7523;
or Rosalin Sam, 1-604-894-2400 fax; 1-604-894-6841, e-mail;
Or Mona Joe, 1-604-894-2462; or write to the above address.

Thank you all for your concern for our lands.

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