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8:05 pm

OS12 was born in Chilliwack and by the age of 13 was well knowledged in music and the study of his culture, the Sto:lo Salish people of the Fraser River.   In ‘93, Os moved to Vancity and began attending underground hiphop jams. Since then, he has not only become one of the most respected emcee’s in the East Van community, but he has performed in New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, and across Canada. After many years of building skills and affiliates, Os finally associated himself with the Fourth World Occupants, performing with them from time to time. From this spawned new friendships and new affiliations like EMS (Eternal Masters of Spirituality), and the Fresh Coast company. The Demonslayer philosophy came to be born around the time of his grandfathers death, when Os underwent a change in mental and spiritual values. The Demonslayer entity has become more than just a song title or an image to portray: it has become an integral part of Os’ life and will seemingly forever be the method to his madness.

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7:30 pm

Sistahailstorm is a native indegenous emcee, graffitti artist and traditional dancer, representing her tribes of the south (MEXICA, AZTECA, APACHE, YAQUI, TIGUAS & CHEROKEE NATION). Straight out of Northeast Los Angeles’ urban concrete jungle, sistahailstorm kicks off irie vibration, positive messaging, knowledge and wisdom. She relays messages of L.A.’s inner city streets: untold genocide horror stories in all forms and elements of lost Aztlans traditional culture. Unifying in the belief of the prophecy of the eagle and the condor with the natives of the northwest coast nations, she is here to exchange words of truth with the youth and fellow native peers through hiphop and traditional ways and through her rhymes she sends love, peace and respect to all native indejena (indegenous) nations.

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Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

6:30 pm

Rare is the band that can captivate both punk rock kids and folk music fans. Rare still is a band that can do this by playing a ferocious combination of traditional blues, Appalachian folk, and ragged gospel. But The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir does just that. Formed from the ashes of several wildly divergent Calgary bands, the Agnostics began creating their strange brew just three years ago. The group claims they were “founded in an effort to forge a kind of gospel for the unbeliever.” To judge by their performances, they have succeeded. Their songs sound as though they have been squeezed through the ages, from the deep South by way of Chicago blues, and there are no gimmicks or artifice to get in the way. Their honesty comes out in their original music, which could only sound more authentic if it were accompanied by the crackles of old vinyl. When the band performs, their pure enjoyment of playing together colours the entire affair. It is an infectious feeling, and perhaps explains why the Agnostics appeal to so many damn people.

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Sna7'hm Dance Group

4:35 pm

“Sna7’hm” means the power, strength and energy that emulates from the Thunderbird. The Sna7’hm Dance Group, who formed in 2003 and are from the “Skxwe7mesh” Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, enjoy sharing their culture and insights in to their history. The group ranges in age from 4 to 60+ years old, and they perform at many events and festivals.

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5:30 pm

A quarter century after Suicide first started cracking heads, people are still shocked by the “novelty” of punk aggression and minimalism being put to use in electronic music. Primes aren’t. They deliver a live performance most punk bands would sell their shirt to be able to pull off, and their sonic circuitry blasts the listener mercilessly and with purpose. Formed in 2004 by Jack Duckworth, (main force behind the transcendently cacophonic A Luna Red as well as the established post-punkers Radio Berlin) and Michelle Synnot, (acclaimed electro DJ), things gelled quickly, with early shows (simultaneously confrontational and reserved, received with confusion and dancing) and self-pressed CDs garnering praise from the local press and audiences. The band gives suckerpunches to a barrage of influences and genres, but always keep their ethos grounded in unpolished and abrasive electronic rhythms: clattering, throbbing, punching forward. Death disco for the soul. Anthems against inertia. It’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it. Easily, one of the best live bands in Vancouver.

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3:40 pm

Versus is a Metis MC from Prince George who marries positive messages with the sonic aesthetic of Dilated Peoples, Quannum Projects & K-OS. His live show combines high energy and a kinetic connection to the audience, borne out of his underground sensibilities and his deep commitment to youth. He has released 2 albums of original material, and recently participated in the 2.8 collaboratory project at Vancouver Folk Festival, lending his break-beat drumming, bass playing, and mic-gripping to the sonic stew. Versus is by far one of the most interesting, ethically-sound & talented MC’s to emerge from the new wave of talents in Canada and he’ll go on to make important contributions to the hip hop community.

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2:45 pm

From the ashes of Victoria’s Black Kronstad rises Iskra. Musically this is the most extreme, brutality ever to be released on Profane Existence Records - some have even gone as far as to call it “black metal.” Lyrically, Iskra are one of the most out-spoken political and anarchist bands in Canada. Prepare for an aural treat, or nightmare, depending on your tolerance level for sheer audio brutality. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Joey Only

1:55 pm (* plus 6:35 Mainstage)

Joey Only is known as a philosophical rabble rousing rebel who sings radical bluesy-grass type country songs. He can play a wide variety of Johnny Cash & Woody Guthrie numbers, old folk tunes, old Wobbly union songs, prison songs and protest songs, all tempered by his unique way with melody and an edge lost on most current “folk” singers. Fast bluegrass rhythms come to him easily because of his days playing in punk-metal bands, and his anarchist-inspired lyrics are the perfect compliment to his fierce style. Since 2001 Joey has made his way through Canada, playing political folk music while taking part in revolutionary organizing, earning him both fans and jail time. Joey was one of the co-founders of several radical organizations including Belleville Ontario’s successful Tenant Action Group. In our humble opinions he might just be the next Utah Phillips.

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Better Friends Than Lovers

1:00 pm

This much-loved East Van indie dance pop rawk band has been evolving for two years and has finally found the sound (and friends) to complete the perfect mix . The rhythm section of Laura H (skillfully hard-hitting drum beats) and Jeremy (energy & chops on bass and vocals), lays down the bottom end. Layered by Mandy’s finesse on lead guitar, Eli’s croon & strumming on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Chloe’s eerie melodic touch on piano, the band create a new collision of raw sounds and edgy-beauty.

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